Why Construction Gloves are Important for a Job

Why Construction Gloves are Important for a Job

Construction sites are riddled with hazards, making it crucial to be wearing the correct protective gear, including gloves. With a high percentage of emergency room visits being construction and hand-injury related, it’s no surprise that most construction sites now require gloves to be worn at all times to help reduce these injuries. Not only is it important to be wearing gloves, it’s also important to be wearing the right gloves.


There are several types of gloves available to construction workers and choosing the right ones depending on the hazards your hands are exposed to on the job is crucial.

Cotton & Fabric Gloves

The simplest type of glove, ideal for keeping your hands clean and protecting against minor cuts and abrasions.

Coated Fabric Gloves

Coated fabric gloves give you the same protection as cotton and fabric gloves but with added protection against moderate chemicals and liquids.

Rubber, Plastic, & Synthetic Gloves

Ideal for working with oils, solvents, and other chemicals. Also perfect for all your cutting, trimming, pinching, and puncturing needs, these gloves absorb the vibration feeling and give your hands the control they need to get the job done.

Leather Gloves

Ideal for working with heat, cuts, and abrasions, leather gloves are one of the most versatile types of gloves and are great for welding and general construction.

Cut Resistant Gloves

This type of glove is ideal for industrial settings as they protect against cuts and abrasions, as well as providing protection against heat and cold.

Chemical and Liquor Resistant Gloves

These types of gloves will protect against specific chemicals but depending on the chemical you are dealing with, you’ll want to look for different types of gloves. We suggest referring to MSDS sheets to ensure you’re selecting the proper protection.

Thermal Cold Weather Gloves

Your hands become significantly less effective in the winter if not properly covered. Thermal cold weather gloves give you the warmth and protection you need.

Finding The Right Fit

Now that you’ve selected the type of glove ideal for your work environment, it’s time to ensure it fits properly. Ill-fitting gloves account for 30% of hand-related injuries and are a huge hazard while on the job. When selecting the size of your glove, make sure the glove fits snugly but allows you to have full range of motion of the hand and fingers.

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