Actual Emails from Our Customers

thx Bill---We also saved a Toys-R-us in Auburn from collapse--54 lbs snow load on 40 lb structure--building evacuated because of loud snap--probably truss support or decking pulling loose---worked w/ engineer,building inspector and fire Marshall---tied everyone off to cranes in middle of building--to lulls on perimeter--did site specific training w/ our men and crane operators on to what to do if trusses snapped in middle( I will give you verbage of that @ a later date)paid men hazzard pay, and we saved the store and brought it in on budget--and store back open in 2 days---got 3 other calls from other building officials to do similar in other areas---but clients to cheap to safely remove---also did a similar situation on the Kohls in Rocky Hill last Sunday---snap noise---cracked ice across entire width of store while we were working---we pulled men---evacuated store---called engineer,fire Marshall etc---then tied everyone to equipment and got store open next day. We will have some good stuff for safety comm. Thanks to you and your staff for preparing us for the most demanding fall protection demands that I have ever had (far beyond my wildest dreams)--but we were prepared thanks to you and AJG---we were challenged to protect our employees and subs on up to 17 buildings @ a time and now I have enough fall protection equipment to supply all of NERI for quite some time. Thanks also to Colin Cash and Atlantic Asphalt for working around the clock to get us equipment. M
Michael K. Meyer
President, Canopy Roofing Systems
"When purchasing or renting our equipment and supplies, we look to someone who values the same qualities that we do - responsiveness and quality. Atlantic Equipment is there when we need them with a variety of services and products to keep us working efficiently. Our rep keeps us informed of new and innovative roofing and safety trends, which can have an impact on our ability to win bids and keep our employees healthy."
Andrew Shinner
General Manager, TECTAAMERICA - Roofing Redefined
With Atlantic's recent move to the central CT region, they have far exceeded my expectations when it comes to their fast and reliable service. Orders placed by our office have been delivered to our shop within hours of receipt of the purchase order. The inside/outside sales staff is extremely knowledgeable of the equipment and materials they handle, as well as other products in our industry. With New England's ever changing weather and seasons, Atlantic is able to adapt very well, and stock their warehouses accordingly. Ice melt and shovels in the winter, to safety and production equipment during our busy seasons. We have multiple offices/shops in New England, and all receive the same care and reaction to our needs.
David Nietch
Service / Warranty Division Manager, Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corporation
We at Capeway Roofing Systems have been dealing with Atlantic Asphalt for many years. The main reason we keep coming back is due to their customer service. Whether it is 6AM or 6PM they have always gone out of their way to service us. They understand that simple mundane items can prevent a crew of roofers from performing a day's work which in this industry is a recipe for failure. While they do provide simple items, they also provide advanced roofing specific items which we use every day.

From safety items to equipment to materials, Atlantic has always been our first call.
Systems Team
Capeway Roofing