Top Safety Tips & Tools for Welding During Roof Construction

construction worker welding on a roof to build a residential or commercial fixture to protect workers and safety gear using ppe

Top Safety Tips & Tools for Welding During Roof Construction

For commercial buildings and modern residential builds, roofs built with a stainless steel base are key for strength and durability. Compared to other materials like wood or concrete, stainless steel is known to withstand extreme weather conditions and has a longer lifespan. Although it brings many benefits, it can also be dangerous to install. To get a secure, tight seal between beams, welding is required to mold the steel together. Welding can be a challenging job on its own, but the risks greatly increase when working at tall heights. Having workers fitted with PPE, following safety protocols, and using the right tools are all essential when welding on a roof. In this blog, we will discuss the best equipment and supplies for welding safety and how Atlantic Equipment can help with our equipment sales and rentals.

welding pvc on a rooftop during roof construction using safety tools and equipment

Dangers of Working with Hot Welding Tools at High Heights

Rooftop construction brings a sense of danger that ground-level construction might not have. The risk of falls and slips can increase when working on an unstable or sloped surface. This can be even more dangerous when workers are using extremely hot or heavy equipment. Welding requires using high heat to melt and shape metal, which can be difficult when also balancing on a roof. Without the right precautions and equipment, workers can face serious injuries such as burns, electric shocks, or falls. It is also an OSHA violation not to have proper safety measures in place when working at heights, which can result in fines and penalties for construction companies.

Insulate the Roof to Prevent Burns & Fires

Besides protecting your workers, it is also important to protect your site. Although stainless steel is not flammable, there may be other materials on the roof that can catch fire. To prevent this from happening, insulating the roof with fire-resistant materials such as blankets or rubber mats can be helpful. If a fire happens to start, these materials can help prevent it from spreading.

Protect Eyes & Exposed Skin from Sparks with PPE

Welding can create sparks that tend to fly in all directions. When working on a roof, these sparks are dangerous not just for the welder but also for those on the ground underneath the construction. All workers who will be in close proximity should wear safety goggles, masks, gloves, hard hats, and fire-resistant clothing. This keeps all skin covered and protects workers from burns and other hazards.

Inspect All Welding Tools Before Use

Before welding, it is important to inspect all tools and equipment for potential damage thoroughly. If any parts need repair, it is recommended that they be done right away. By using damaged tools, workers may not have as much control, leading to accidents and injuries. At Atlantic, we offer professional repairs and replacements for welding equipment across the East Coast. Whether you are based in Orlando, FL, or Albany, NY, we can help ensure your tools are in proper working condition.

Train Workers on Proper Welding Techniques

OSHA requires all workers to be properly trained and certified in welding before performing any tasks. This not only ensures the safety of your workers but also the quality of the final project result. By properly training your workers, you can prevent common mistakes and accidents that may occur due to a lack of confidence or experience. This also includes creating a fire safety plan and extinguisher use training.

Close Off the Welding Area with SafetyRails

Having a designated area for welding can prevent stray workers from wandering into an unsafe location. By setting up SafetyRails around the welding area, you can create a clear boundary and prevent potential hazards. Putting up signs and caution tape can also help remind workers to stay out of the area. For more information about safety systems and how to secure a construction site, contact our team at Atlantic Equipment. As a top Garlock and Guardian distributor, we can help you find the right safety solutions for your specific needs.

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At Atlantic Equipment, your safety is our top priority. With locations across the East Coast, we are able to provide professional welding and roofing safety equipment to construction sites of all sizes and layouts. Whether you are building a new roof for a commercial skyscraper or a new residential development, we have the tools and expertise to help you get the job done safely. From leisters to replacement nozzles, we can help your project from start to finish. To learn more and get a free pricing estimate, contact us online or give us a call at 800-543-3350.

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