Signs That Your Power Tools Need Repair

Signs That Your Power Tools Need Repair

Power tools are designed to perform some of the most demanding work out there. But over time, even the best quality tools are bound to wear down after being well-used. It’s important to keep an eye on the tell-tale signs that your equipment might be in need of some repair services or even replacement.


If your tools aren’t pulling their weight quite up to the benchmarks you’ve come to expect from them, you aren’t just imagining it; your power tools likely need servicing. Not only is this important to maximize the full lifespan of your power tools, but it’s also key to maintaining an efficient pace on your projects, which could cost you time and money in the long run. For wireless tools, a common reason for lowered performance could be that the batteries require replacement. Even if it’s showing a full charge, the battery pack might be coming to the end of its life. There’s also the possibility that the batteries are in good shape, but the mechanical internals of the tools are wearing out and can’t deliver the same level of performance. This is most likely the case if you’ve already replaced the batteries a few times over the years, and your issues are persisting. In an instance like this, a good rule of thumb is the 50% rule, which states that if the repair costs more than half of the replacement cost, it’s smarter to buy a new tool. Additionally, if the tool is more than five years old, you’re probably better off buying new. This is because manufacturers are always developing newer designs that are more powerful and efficient.


If your power tool looks too beat up to use, it probably is. It’s important never to risk your own or someone else’s safety with tools that no longer function at their full capacity. This is especially true with tools such as power saws, nail guns, grinders, or anything else that exerts a high amount of force of pressure. If the tool behaves oddly or unpredictably, you should stop using it immediately and find the issue’s source. This is especially true for tools making uncommon noises such as screeching or grinding. If it’s smoking or you smell burning, turn off and unplug the tool immediately. An extremely common, and thankfully one of the easiest and most affordable repairs you can make is replacing the power cord on your power tools. As many tools have sharp edges, it’s only logical that the cables are often sliced, severed, or frayed. Using a power tool with a cut, worn, or frayed cord can leave you at risk for electrical shock or burn.


Power tools are designed to work at a specific temperature range. Tools with fast-moving parts are designed to withstand heat to a certain degree. But over time, heat can accelerate normal wear and tear on your power tools. A sudden spike or drop in temperature can often cause breakage, but this can be mitigated by proper storage with temperature control.  


Unless you’re an expert, don’t attempt to repair a damaged tool on your own. For any questions concerning repair or maintenance, please give us a call at (800) 543-3350, or contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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