construction roofing worker attaching an anchor hook and safety harness fall arrest kit for personal safety from falls and injury risks

How to Safely Attach Anchor Hooks for Fall Arrest Kits & Safety Harnesses

Reduce Dangers & Risks by Learning How to Securely Attaching Anchor Hooks

Working at tall heights can be dangerous, but with the proper safety equipment, it can be much safer. A fall arrest system is one of the most important safety gear pieces. This system includes a harness and an anchor point, which attaches to something sturdy on the roof. In this blog post, we will discuss how to safely attach anchor hooks for fall arrest kits and retractable devices. It is important to ensure these anchors are attached correctly, as setting them up wrong can be very dangerous.

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What Are Fall Arrest Kits?

A fall arrest kit is a system of safety equipment designed to prevent falls from heights. It consists of a harness, fall arrest lanyard, and an anchor point. The fall arrest lanyard is attached to the harness, and the anchor point must be securely fastened onto a stable part of the roof.

How Do Fall Arrest Kits Work?

Unfortunately, accidents can happen when working on roofs or sites at tall heights. A fall arrest kit helps prevent these accidents by securely attaching the worker to the roof. The fall arrest lanyard is attached to a secure anchor point, and the fall arrest lanyard catches the fall if one does occur. Using a system of restraints and fall arrest kit eliminates, or at least limits, the fall distance and potentially reduces any injuries suffered by the fall.

How Do Fall Arrest Kits Save Lives on a Construction Site?

When fall arrest kits are used correctly, they can save lives. By attaching the fall arrest lanyard to an anchor point on the roof or structure, it can reduce the fall distance and limit any injuries sustained from a fall. The fall arrest kit also reminds workers that fall hazards are present and that safety is always the top priority.

How to Attach an Anchor Hook for Restraints & Fall Arrest Kits

When attaching an anchor for fall arrest kits or retractable devices, it is important to make sure the anchor is securely fastened. By taking the time to attach the anchor properly, you can help make sure that the fall arrest kit is securely in place and ready to work.

1. Inspect the Area for Debris or Other Hazards

Before attaching an anchor, it is important to take a few moments to inspect the area around you. Look for any debris or other hazards, like loose pieces of roofing material. If you find anything that could be dangerous, take the time to remove it before proceeding.

2. Mark the Spot

Once you have inspected the area and determined it is safe to attach an anchor, mark the spot where you want the anchor to be located. This will help you to make sure that the anchor is placed in an area that is safe and secure.

3. Attach the Anchor

To securely attach the anchor, a hole must be drilled into the roof or structure. Using a drill and masonry bit, begin drilling at the spot you marked earlier. Drill until you reach 1.5 inches in depth. Once the hole is drilled, insert the anchor and fasten it with screws.

4. Hook the Fall Arrest Lanyard

The fall arrest lanyard should be securely fastened to the anchor point. Make sure that the fall arrest lanyard is attached correctly and is not tangled or twisted. Once everything is properly secured, the fall arrest kit is ready to be used.

5. Test the Anchor Point

Once the fall arrest lanyard is hooked to the anchor point, take a few moments to test it. Pull on the fall arrest lanyard to make sure it is securely fastened. If the fall arrest lanyard comes loose, you may need to start over and reattach the anchor point.

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Attaching anchor hooks for fall arrest kits or retractable devices is an important step in keeping workers safe on construction sites. Taking the time to make sure that the fall arrest lanyard is securely fastened to the anchor point can help prevent any falls and potentially save lives. If you have any questions about how to properly attach an anchor hook or want to purchase a set of fall arrest kits for your roofing projects, contact Atlantic Equipment today. We offer a selection of kits in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. With Atlantic Equipment, you can keep your workers, and site, safe and secure.  Visit our website today to view our inventory, or give us a call at 1-800-543-3350 to learn more!

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