How to Prevent Burns at Your Worksite

How to Prevent Burns at Your Worksite

Worksite burns are more common than you would think. Burns are severe injuries that take a while to heal. Scarring can occur and leave a lasting effect on your skin for years to come. How can you and your team prevent accidental burns from happening at your worksite? A few types of burns can occur at a worksite, depending on what you are working with. There are thermal burns, chemical burns, electrical burns, and sun exposure burns. Here is more information on each of these burns and how to treat them:


Thermal burns can occur from scalding hot liquids touching the skin. This can be water, grease, or oil. When handling these liquids, be sure to wear the proper PPE. This includes gloves, goggles, or other protection on the body. When you are working in a construction zone, fires can happen because of these liquids. To prevent fires, you should make sure electrical areas are being maintained correctly, don’t smoke at the job site, and wear proper clothing and materials.


Chemical burns can happen when strong acids, corrosive materials, or alkaloid gets on your skin or even in your eyes. These chemicals can eat away your skin and have lasting effects on your body. If you normally have these substances at your worksite, there should be a Hazard Communication plan put in place for workers. You can avoid chemical burns by clearly reading labels, knowing where burn first aid is on your worksite and wearing proper PPE when needed.


Electrical burns can be very severe and happen when a current runs throughout your body. It can cause a lot of damage to the tissue in your body and cause lasting issues. To prevent these burns, know where electrical sources are at your worksite, avoid contact with water and electricity, and wear proper personal protective equipment.


Sun exposure burns can be grouped in with thermal burns but are prevented differently and require separate safety protocols. To prevent sun exposure burns at your worksite, be sure to wear sunblock on any exposed areas of your body, especially the highest points like your shoulders and nose. Be sure to wear sunglasses and a hat as well. You want to do what you can to avoid these burns. Constantly burning in the same places can lead to something more serious.


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