Fall Protection Equipment for Theme Park Construction Safety

roller coaster in a theme park during construction using safety fall protection equipment

Fall Protection Equipment for Theme Park Construction Safety


Did you know that about 30,000 accidents occur each year in theme parks? It’s true, and when you think about it, this number isn’t all that surprising. From trips and falls that result in cuts or bruises to more serious incidents that can cause broken bones, brain injuries, and more—theme parks are a prime place for an accident.

What causes most amusement park injuries? While the cause can vary from park to park based on the design and safety measures in place, falls tend to be the biggest culprit. From people falling while walking through the park to more serious situations where a worker falls while working on a ride, parks need the right measures in place to mitigate risk.

construction worker using fall arrest kit safety harness for theme park maintenance

But Americans love going to theme parks, and we love working at them, too. So, what can be done to keep everyone safe? We’ve got the inside scoop on fall protection equipment and how it can help keep guests and workers safer at our local amusement parks.

What Could Go Wrong And How We Keep it Safe

Theme parks are full of exciting rides and fun, but building them can be risky. Workers might deal with heights, moving parts, and uneven ground. Sometimes, people slip or trip, and falls from high places can be very serious.

In the U.S., theme parks follow strict rules to keep everyone safe. These rules come from groups like the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). They tell parks how to use safety gear and check rides to ensure everything is safe and operating as it should.

Best Safety Equipment for Theme Park Construction, Maintenance, & Repairs

To keep workers safe while they build, fix, and operate rides, theme parks use special safety gear:

  • Lanyards: These are strong straps that connect a worker’s harness to a safe point. They help workers move around safely at heights.
  • Full Body Harnesses: These fit around a worker’s body and spread out the force if they fall, making injuries less likely.
  • Anchorage Connectors: These are secure points where workers attach their safety gear to stop a fall.
  • Fall Arrest, Rescue, and Descent Systems: This gear stops falls and helps safely lower a worker to the ground after a fall.

Safety Guardrail Systems: By securing high-risk areas with guardrails, workers and guests are protected from potential falls, the site remains secure, and the risk of accidents is reduced.

All this equipment has to meet ANSI standards. This means it’s strong enough and right for the job at theme parks, where falling can be a big risk.

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