Dangers of Pollen on a Construction Site

pollen in the air during spring falling onto surfaces on construction site to create safety slip hazards

Dangers of Pollen on a Construction Site

Spring is around the corner, which means longer days, more sunlight, and a sudden increase in pollen. Pollen can be annoying to deal with for those with seasonal allergies, but it can also pose a risk to construction workers. Not only can it cause discomfort and irritation, but it can also lead to slippery conditions, covered signs, and respiratory issues. Having your site covered in pollen can also make it difficult to see potential hazards, leading to an increased risk of accidents. Cleaning your site routinely during the early weeks of Spring can help reduce these risks and keep your crew safe from sniffling, sneezing, and slipping. In this blog, we will discuss the main dangers of pollen on a construction site and the gear you can provide your crew to protect them all season.

pollen falling off of plant to spread into air and become danger on construction site

Spring Construction Means an Increase in Airborne Pollen

Pollen season typically starts in late February and can last until early June. For construction workers, this means working in conditions with high levels of pollen throughout most of the Spring months. Pollen is produced by plants to fertilize other plants, but when it becomes airborne, it can trigger allergies and cause respiratory issues for those who are sensitive to it. With construction sites often located in open areas near various plant life, workers are likely to encounter a substantial amount of pollen in the air.

Pollen Creates Slippery Conditions on Construction Sites

Pollen can also create slippery conditions on construction sites, especially when mixed with water or morning dew. This can be hazardous for workers who are constantly moving around the site and operating heavy equipment. Slip-and-fall accidents are among the most common types of construction site injuries, and pollen can increase the chances of these accidents occurring.

Warning & Instruction Signs Can Get Blocked from Pollen Build-Up

construction safety danger sign to protect workers and crew on site

Signs on a construction site are essential to keep workers updated on any hazards, instructions, boundaries, and other important information. During the peak of the season, these signs are in danger of getting covered by pollen build-up, making them unreadable and ineffective. This can lead to confusion and potentially dangerous situations for workers who are not aware of potential hazards.

Itchy Eyes & Sneezing from Allergies Can Lead to Construction Accidents

For workers with pollen allergies, being exposed to high levels of pollen can cause itchy eyes, sneezing, and other symptoms that can affect their ability to work. These symptoms limit their visibility and focus, which can lead to accidents on the construction site. If there are any crew members who are highly sensitive to pollen, it is important to provide them with protective gear and potentially rotate them to different tasks during peak pollen season. Atlantic Equipment provides PPE gear and equipment from top brands for construction sites across the East Coast at affordable rates. To view our full selection and request pricing rates, contact us online or call 800-543-3350.

Get a Free Quote on Construction Protective Gear & Equipment to Keep Construction Sites & Crew Safe from Spring Pollen

To protect your workers from the dangers of pollen on a construction site, it is essential to provide them with the right protective gear and equipment. Eye goggles, masks, gloves, and protective clothing can help prevent exposure to pollen and reduce the risk of accidents. Regular site clean-ups and air filtration systems can also help keep pollen levels down. To learn more about construction site safety and get a free estimate on equipment, visit our website or call us at 800-543-3350.

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