Best Equipment for Preparing for Heavy Snowfall

Best Equipment for Preparing for Heavy Snowfall

When the forecast is calling for heavy snowfall, it is important to be fully prepared before the storm hits. By getting ready beforehand, you can minimize the potential risks and dangers of the incoming weather. Gathering snow removal equipment, backup power supplies, and safety equipment is key to keeping your construction site, home, business, or neighborhood safe before, during, and after the snow comes. Read on to learn more about the best tools and supplies to gather before a heavy snowfall.

Dangers of Not Properly Preparing for Heavy Snowfall

Although the soft fall of snow can be mesmerizing to watch, often with inclement weather, there are also many dangers that come with it. Snow can present a danger on the roads when it starts to build up and create obstacles for drivers. Usually, on more popular roads, the ground might be warm enough to melt the snow into water. Although this might sound like a good thing, the danger level can intensify throughout the following days as temperatures drop and the snow turns into a slippery layer of ice. The key is to remove the snow from the road before it has a chance to become a problem using snow removal equipment and supplies . Heavy snowfall can also bring power outages through heavy tension from buildup on power lines. Many, if not all, of the main appliances in your home or business are reliant on an electrical power source. Utilities such as hot water, lighting, and heat may run on electricity and your safety can depend on working power.

Heavy Duty Shovels & Scoops

The easiest and most efficient way to remove snow buildup from your driveway or parking lot is by gradually removing the snow as it falls. Using hand tools, such as shovels and scoops are helpful for removing snow in large chunks and tossing it to the side where it is safer to lay. Shovels are also a great way to clear a construction area, as they can allow for full control of where the snow is being picked up from and relocated to without causing any obstruction or damage to the construction project.

Hand & Snow Blowers

When you are looking to remove snow in larger quantities, a Hand Blower can be of more help than a shovel or scoop. True to its name, by using a large blast of air, this power tool forcefully blows snow away from the undesired area. Due to its more chaotic nature, this option can be better for those looking to clear their driveway or neighborhood, as it does not cause as much obstruction when the snow is blown around. At Atlantic Equipment, we also offer Backpack Blowers to allow for a higher power output.

Backup Power Generators

As snow builds up, there is a chance that the increasing weight can cause a power line to snap or a telephone pole to collapse. In the event that the power goes out, it is best to be prepared ahead of time by obtaining a Portable Power Generator . Depending on the size of the space you want to cover, there are several models on the market with varying wattage and voltage. In the case of an emergency, renting a portable power supply is a great option if you need to find a generator fast. Atlantic Equipment offers a variety of options and power outputs for your home, business, or warehouse. Visit our product page for more information.

Safety Equipment for Snow Removal

When performing any type of snow preparation or removal, it is important to keep safety equipment and supplies on hand at all times. During construction, especially during cold and inclement weather, there can be accidents that result in damage or bodily injury. The use of helmets, gloves, and other wearable equipment is highly recommended for any project or power tool usage. To learn more about the importance of safety equipment, read our blog .

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As the temperature drops, snowfall and inclement weather can present a danger to your home, business, or construction site if you are not properly prepared. Gathering a portable power supply can guarantee that if the power goes out, you can still use vital utilities and equipment. While the snow is falling, it is a smart idea to remove the snow periodically to avoid any heavy buildup or high energy exertion during post-storm removal. If you are looking to rent power tools or safety equipment in Hampton or Portsmouth, NH, Atlantic Equipment has everything you need. For more information, visit our website , or call us toda y at (800) 543-3350 .

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